Hi, welcome to BLNK a new way of collaboration that offers customers the best opportunities.BLNK stands for a creative explosion of art and talent, resulting in a complete online and offline experience of your dream, your passion, your brand. We find the right channels and design the right content to put your brand in the spotlight with the right target group. Based on our experience, knowledge and specialism, we provide the complete branding to bring your dream to life.

To fuel a long-lasting business, you need core values which suit your purpose and happiness. – MAARTEN

Know the story, know the design.

BLNK arose from our passion to make design and animation more accessible to any company in the Netherlands. From 2D to 3D design, we offer many options. Like dreams, BLNK is also infinite.

We are a web design agency that creates websites by strategically combining the core values of companies with the brand story. Our web designers and developers create responsive websites that feel at home on any device.

Our full-stack design and development agency, based in Amsterdam, offers front-end and back-end development services. In this we work closely with our partners. As a branding and web design agency we build various websites such as rental sites, web shops and real estate websites; Anything is possible
“Not seeing the forest through the trees.” A Dutch expression we know all too well in today’s consumer society. Services are offered from all sides, from many competitors and that is why it is extremely important that your company stands out. We ensure that you become and remain visible on the digital platform.
Today it is almost impossible to imagine a world without social media. This has also become the best way for companies to reach new customers and retain current customers. So how do you use social media to create a meaningful connection with your customer? Together we will look for the why, the what and the how. We ask you many questions that lead to a strong social media strategy that you will benefit from for years to come.
Our collaboration with copywriters is essential. Getting your message across the right way is what makes or breaks your business. The manner of speaking is just as important as the appearance.

Met BLNK geloven we dat het bouwen van een loyale klantenkring begint met een geweldige merkervaring.

Tegenwoordig draait alles om het gevoel. Welk gevoel krijgen jouw klanten bij je merk en welk gevoel wil je dat ze krijgen? Het is niet alleen een logo, visuele identiteit of digitaal productontwerp, maar eerder een samenhangend systeem dat zich uitspreidt  over alle media en contactkanalen. Wij zijn een branding bureau met een complete oplossing, van logo-ontwerp tot social media en van animaties naar copywriting.

Our Clients

Enna G

96 Consultancy

Webdesign &
branding strategy

The Career Spark

At BLNK, we believe that building a loyal customer base starts with a great brand experience. This can then be translated into a strong social media strategy + management with of course a perfect website and the best experience regarding (web) design.

Designers, web developers & (online) marketers
Of shared experience

Jurjen de Jong

Multimedia Designer | Animator | Illustrator

Maarten de Jong

Art Director | Mediator

Dorinde de Jong


Passion BLNK never retires

Know the story, know the design.