The MS Research Foundation is the organization that finances and stimulates scientific research into multiple sclerosis (MS). She also provides information about MS and the Foundation promotes and strives for optimal care for all people with MS. Since our foundation in 1980, the Foundation has invested more than 68 million euros in scientific research. This is approximately 375 studies on the causes, solutions and treatment for MS. Important results have been achieved with this and we have made a significant contribution to the quality and continuity of MS research in the Netherlands. The Foundation provides structural financial support to academic MS centers specializing in care and research.

MS is literally and figuratively a nerve-racking disease that mainly affects young people in the prime of their lives. It is the most disabling disease in young adults and unfortunately there is no cure (yet). The disease of the brain and spinal cord leads to complaints of various kinds: loss of muscles, extreme fatigue, loss of vision and speech, but also memory and concentration problems.

With the old logo in a new jacket and a brand new house style, we have helped the MS Research Foundation with a transition that had to bridge the past 40 years. The new house style is contemporary and emphasizes the knowledge about the ‘myelin’ in the brain that has been enriched by modern technology. Even more important is taking into account the target group, in which some people have poor vision due to MS disease. A calm and clear design, both in layout and typography, offers these people the desired user experience.